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✓ Know Where You Stand​

Dashboard tracking how many CE credits you have vs. what you need for your License and Designations.

✓ Avoid Business Disruptions

Avoid the last minute scramble to get CE credits at the end of your Cycle.

✓ Minimize Your Documents

Have an up to date record of your CE credits for your License and Designations, all in one place.

✓ Report With Confidence

Report to regulators and sign attestations with confidence.

What is CE Records?

CE Records is a practice enhancing technology platform helping financial services professionals track their continuing education (CE) credits for their Licenses and Designations…You can take action and be more planful knowing how many credits you have & how many you need to meet regulatory requirements.

Our platform is for Canadian financial professionals who are licensed and/or have a designation that requires them to take continuing education credits to maintain their license or designation.

What our clients are saying

“CE Records makes it easy for me to record, track and comply with my CE requirements. It was incredibly simple to use and has an intuitive UI that makes CE tracking painless. In a single location I can see which CE credits I’m missing so I can focus my time on attending the right type of CE accredited presentations. This app takes a tiresome task and makes it easy and concise. I wish I had something like this for other areas of my business.”
Warren Miles-PickupAdvisor and Owner, Portum Financial Services Inc.
“I wish I had this tool when I was a practicing Associate Portfolio Manager. I had to track separate credits for my CFA designation, my insurance license, as well as for my securities license requirements. What a way to save time, frustration and expense.”
David Hogg, CFA
“As a compliance officer, I’m delighted that a platform like CE Records is dedicated to reducing the administrative burden on investment professionals – This type of development fills a need in the industry. Compliance officers at dealers and insurance distribution firms should all take a close look at this tracking app to help their advisors manage their continuing education obligations for licenses and designations.”
Doug KristCompliance Director, Fiera Capital Corporation
“For years I scrambled, CE Records application was a breath of fresh air. It allowed me to record the courses as soon as I took them, upload my certificates, and at year-end everything was there at my fingertips. It also alerted me to whether or not I was deficient on any requirements, early in the year, so I could proactively plan to make sure I completed my requirements.”
Desmond Rampersad CLUFinancial Advisor

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