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Finally, an innovative, automated approach for managing the continuing education journey

“The CE Records team has spent several decades working on Bay Street as financial advisors, as well as wholesalers and coaches, to agents and advisors in the IIROC, MFDA and MGA distribution networks. Through this experience, it was painfully evident that the existing manual processes for tracking, managing and reporting continuing education credits was highly inefficient and fraught with company and individual agent and advisor risk.” Colin Henry, Founder & CEO, CE Records Inc.

We saw that the financial services industry required a better solution; a fully automated, online solution offering a holistic company-wide view of CE credit status for management and compliance, that automates functions, such as reporting to regulators and associations, to improve operational efficiency and the accuracy of data, and that provides agents and advisors a “digital CE filing cabinet” to manage their entire CE journey with confidence and ease.

So, we introduced CE Records to the Canadian financial services industry.

Our vision:

To be the indispensable partner to financial services professionals and the companies that employ them for the management of continuing education compliance.

Our mission:

To simplify and improve the tracking and management of continuing education credits, one professional, one company and one industry at a time.

Our solution:

We’ve built a platform that helps mitigate risk by tracking, managing and reporting on continuing education for all licenses and designations, including over 7,000 courses from over 50 registered course providers.

We are not a course provider but instead work with all course providers, dealers and mutual fund companies to ensure all CE credits from all providers can be tracked in a single place and efficiently allocated to all licence and designation requirements.

Our customizable dashboards provide management and compliance with a holistic view of the company’s and each agent’s/advisor’s CE credit progress, allowing the company to fulfil its supervisory duties, and keeping agents and advisors on track with automatic reminders whenever action is required.

We offer our clients peace of mind when fulfilling their CE credit obligations, so they can stay focused on building their business and individual agent and advisor practices. We’ve heard from our clients how changing regulatory requirements and new licensing designations make it challenging to manage continuing education. Keeping financial services professionals in mind, we are user-experience focused and keep up to date on all CE credit regulatory changes so our clients don’t have to. And, finally, we provide dedicated resources to help with onboarding and support throughout your continuous education journey.

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